12 June, 2023

Promena sponsored "The Sustainability Lounge" at WPC 2023

Promena was a sponsor of the highly anticipated World Procurement Congress in London from 23-25 May.

Promena has participated at the prestigious World Procurement Congress 2023 as a sponsor, held in London. We had the honor of hosting the renowned "Sustainability Lounge" in collaboration with esteemed partners, Scoutbee and Prewave. The event showcased a collective commitment to driving change and embracing sustainability within the supply chain, leaving attendees inspired and motivated for a greener future. 

The World Procurement Congress 2023 served as a global platform, bringing together procurement professionals, industry experts, and sustainability enthusiasts from various corners of the world. Promena actively engaged in impactful discussions, exchanged valuable insights, and contributed to shaping a more sustainable trajectory for the industry.

The Sustainability Lounge provided a vibrant space that fostered the growth of ideas and encouraged fruitful collaborations. Attendees had the opportunity to explore innovative solutions, share their experiences, and gain valuable knowledge about the transformative role of technology in procurement practices. Notably, the Lounge received a special visit from Nandini Basuthakur, the CEO of Procurement Leaders, who joined in celebrating the event's success and engaged with participants during exclusive giveaways.

Promena extends heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors who graced the Sustainability Lounge, actively participated in insightful conversations, and played a pivotal role in making the event an overwhelming triumph. The collective efforts demonstrated at the World Procurement Congress 2023 further solidify Promena's commitment to spearheading sustainable practices within the procurement industry.

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