Turkey's first and largest Supply Chain & Procurement Management company, KocZer, accelerates and facilitates business processes by executing the Supply Chain & Procurement Management systems of thousands of companies with its experience of more than 20 years. Dominating in various sectors, competent expert staff, and technological solutions.

KocZer offers end-to-end solutions for companies to become more durable and adaptable by combining strategy, expertise, and technology in Supply Chain& Procurement Management.

KocZer was founded in 2003 to bring efficiency to Koç Group Industries with its procurement volume. Today, KocZer is expanding its ecosystem by generating options for collaboration with local and global companies. With the strength of the ecosystem it addresses, KocZer builds commercial relationships and provides mutual advantages for its stakeholders through a cooperation-oriented business style built on trust.

Supply Chain & Procurement Management

KocZer provides unique strategic roadmaps to its business partners by thoroughly researching sector and supplier behaviors at all levels of the Supply Chain & Procurement processes and integrating the data obtained with knowledge. In addition to its main sectors, procurement of logistics, materials and media, outsourcing makes bulk purchases on behalf of its customers in a wide range of areas from special service procurement solutions for equipment, transportation, facility management to the sale of second-hand commodities, industrial waste and scrap commodities.

KocZer strives to make company "more robust and adaptable" by assisting business partners in being prepared and equipped for uncertainties and changes through its business model.

Technological Solutions

KocZer aims to increase the use and awareness of technological solutions in Supply Chain & Procurement Management through its agile and sustainable management strategy, with a knowledge of digital transformation. With its strategic purchasing platform Promena, ZerOnline, Loji-Portal, Araç İste, and Zervis brands, it facilitates fast, practical, and dependable technical solutions in purchasing and supply operations.

KocZer exists to make your business more resilient and adaptable in an increasingly uncertain and complex business world through cooperation, trust, and an ecosystem-oriented business model.