Digitalize your request, approval & order processes via the e-Purchase module on Promena's procurement and supply solutions platform. Efficiently manage your procurement processes, establishing budget-controlled approval workflows with a fully integrated catalog.

Boost your procurement experience

You can carry out requests, approval & order management from one place and boost your procurement experience.

Request Management

You can easily and quickly create purchase requisitions from the items defined or undefined in the catalog and the product list. Eliminating the need for training, its user-friendly interface offers you an experience with the flexible request management module.

Catalog Management

You can enjoy the e-commerce experience for your corporate supplies as you create procurement requests faster and easier. Its granularity enables you to create different catalogs and identify them with various organizational units, budgets, or categories.

Purchase Order Management

You can digitalize all your order processes in different categories - from creating a request form to an order form. Standardize your business processes. Minimize errors. Communicate transparently with your suppliers.

What e-Procurement

Savings on queue purchases
Compliance with regulations and minimized errors
Spend optimization and control
360-degree view into processes
Transparent procurement processes
Dynamic workflow and approval mechanism

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