Quick RFQ

Quickly collect quotes from companies while you ensure that potential suppliers meet specific standards via the Quick RFQ module on Promena's procurement and supply solutions platform.

Quick RFQ Module, provides easy service setup and completion of complex processes with minimal effort.

It is especially suitable for your operational procurement processes and easily integrated with ERP systems or with Promena's e-Procurement module, which can gather different request.

The Quick RFQ module can collect quotes and manage the negotiation details for different requests with a single Quick RFQ event. Customers using Promena significantly reduce their back and forth with suppliers. Quotes can be previewed and tracked on each round as self-monitoring screens guide users step-by-step. Quick RFQ Request uncovers the answer to the most compelling question, what is the supplier's preview. 

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What Quick RFQ offers?

Saves time
Gives you the process transparency.
Creates 360-degree view into processes.
Improves operational efficiency.

Suppliers can be eliminated in steps according to their response to required revisions during rounds. This way, with fewer suppliers remaining in each new round, the event can continue until it ends.

Thanks to the Quick RFQ Request module, Promena can collect worldwide quotes with instantly updated exchange rates and 12 different languages.

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