Digitalize your quotation & auction management processes through the modern user interfaces provided by the RFx and e-auction module on Promena's procurement and supplier solutions platform.

Enjoy a strategic and tailored solution

Actively carry out all the quotation procedures through RFx and e-Auction module. You can organize quotation procedures through open auction and Dutch auction methods. Promena helps you catch significant savings opportunities and cooperate with the most convenient suppliers to improve your operational efficiency and directly contribute to your budget.

RFI (Request for Information) & RFQ (Request for Quotation)

Advanced Q&A form management helps receive information and documents from your suppliers as well as providing documentation. Standardize the data, accurately compare quotes you collect.


You can set up English, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian, and Yankee e-Auctions from sales and procurement outlooks through competitive options, advanced formulas, weighting factors.

Detailed Process Logs and Reports

You can manage your procurement activities transparently and adequately through the detailed logs and reports specific to your processes.

Category Management

A customizable categorization helps you manage your user, supplier, and business processes.


Organize many processes such as information and documentation, receiving quotes, or your e-tenders along with many suppliers, users, purchasing items, or revised offers.


Promena's integrated e-mail infrastructure allows easy coordination of your purchasing process, being in touch with your suppliers. Detailed logs will enable you to maintain a record of the communication process.

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