Supplier Relationship Management

Adopt a dynamic and holistic approach with Supplier Management on Promena's procurement and supply solutions platform. Simplify your supplier master data management, performance, and risk management processes.

SRM Module

Promena Supplier Relationship Management module involves managing the suppliers’ master data, performance and risk. SRM combines Supplier Information Management and Supplier Performance Management into one module to collecting master data to gain information about suppliers such as financials, certificates, licenses and more.

What SRM offers?

The supplier commissioning process is easier and faster since suppliers create their records.
Offers the chance to catch different businesses opportunities via the supplier classification management.
Supports master data management through collecting documents such as tax certificates, certificates, patents, or licenses relevant to the supplier's financial positions.
Supplier Performance Management
Enables comprehensive evaluations through keeping track of supplier performance.
Identifies risk factors and tracks them through models.
Makes it possible to assign tasks suppliers for different cooperation models and to plan together.
Category-based approval process management
Custom Supplier Pool
Supplier Self-Registration
Customizable forms and surveys
360-degree view

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