Reporting & Analysis

Report your expenses in one place and discover potential savings opportunities through Promena's Expenditure Analysis solution on its procurement and supplier solutions platform. Keep track of each expense item with key performance indicators and speed up your decision-making processes.

Keep track
of your expenses
in 5 steps!

Promena provides a holistic approach to analyze your expenditure and visualize your data. You can keep track of your data set, segmenting it into sub-headings such as category, supplier, user, or location by Expenditure Analysis. Track the data from various sources updated at specific times with the tailored management screens. You can visualize your expenses in 5 steps with the collaborative approach provided by Promena's procurement and supply solutions platform.



Meet Promena's young and dynamic team. Describe your scope of business, share your deadlines.


Understanding the Need

Promena identifies your needs, then analyzes and structures the compatibility of them with system capabilities.


Proof-of-Concept (PoC)

Get to know your business processes through the demo.



Promena arranges the system with all data sets based on your needs upon your approval.


Go live

We go live! Promena's procurement and supply solutions platform is ready to deliver service with all the systems and modules.

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