Why Our Customers Prefer Promena?

Promena doesn’t only offer a procurement and supplier solutions platform; they also work as a business partner that accompanies the digital transformation of procurement processes. Promena operates under the Koç Holding Company, KoçZer; and offers Professional procurement consultation together with technology solutions. Their level of expertise guides Promena in understanding and meeting customers’ needs better.

Promena provides global service to its customers and suppliers located in various countries with 13 language options.

Promena allows the customer to start the supplier application process with only one click. Thanks to the form creation feature, suppliers can quickly fill the complex application forms and create workflows where they can commission themselves within the procurement categories of their choice.

Promena always focuses on the future with their young and dynamic human source. The X and Y gen heavy Promena team, who works in harmony thanks to their agile methodology, turns the needs and demands of their customers into actual business results.

Promena catches up with the future, not just with their HP policies but also with their products. They offer their modern and dynamic work analytics tools to filter and report much data quickly and easily, thanks to the comprehensive reporting module as a standard within the platform. In addition to their Standard Expense Analysis solution, they enrich their products with their infrastructure, allowing integration and data transfer from different sources.

Promena puts customer satisfaction first and offers customizable solutions instead of standard practices, leading the procurement teams to a bottleneck. Promena’s flexible and modular approach allows the procurement and supply solutions platform to be adapted to the customers' workflows.

Promena’s user interface and display designs that are modern and fit for workflows guarantee an organized workflow ton their customers. Thanks to the guiding and explanatory displays, the users can get used to the platform quickly. A good user experience increases the efficiency of the workers and work processes.

Promena offers project-based services in global standards thanks to their dynamic and expert team. The value-added services include commissioning suppliers, tender modeling, customized reporting, and technology consulting services.

Promena solves the problem in integration with the existing systems, which arises while a new platform is being implemented, thanks to their standard and customizable integration packages, and without affecting the customers.

Promena creates new savings opportunities with SRM and e-Procurement solutions and guarantees absolute gain in the total cost of ownership (TCO) and returns on investment (ROI) goals. The savings made during the procurement processes creates a significant added value thanks to their direct contribution to the budget.