Promena is not only a tech-provider but also a partner in your digital transformation journey.  Under the umbrella of Zer, Promena can also serve professional procurement expertise bundling with the technology. This will help us to understand our clients better and fulfill their needs in procurement area.

Granular Configuration

Promena's overall information architecture provides a strong baseline from which procurement organizations can manage multiple activities, including sourcing event creation, supplier on-boarding, and basic product and catalog maintenance. Our top-down approach makes the entire platform more configurable and thus more broadly useful, as seen in how its category management structure cascades down into the various applications. In addition to this highly configurable environment, admins can set up hundreds of clearly defined roles/permission levels out of the box, giving users access to as much or as little of these capabilities as needed.

Streamlined Supplier On-Boarding

Promena provides his clients a stream-lined and strong support for supplier information management, allowing suppliers to self-register via a link, answer detailed questionnaires via the form creation capability and assign themselves into a category (with buyer approval). Once a supplier is registered, all users, documents, completed forms and current activities can be tracked in a central location.

Talented, Agile and Young Team

Promena has a forward-looking approach and attitude with his young and dynamic team. These fresh minds work with agile methodology and deliver the jobs to be done on customer side. A harmony of X and Y Generation.

Comprehensive Reporting

Promena has taken a more forward-looking approach to offer a modern BI environment where users can filter and report on numerous fields quickly and easily. Promena is not a standalone spend analysis solution, instead offers a streamlined and easy reporting module which its capabilities are strong. Besides, the ability to talk with other data sources and transfer data to its reporting module brings Promena a competitive advantage.

Flexible and Modular Approach

Promena's main objective is to meet the customer needs and make them satisfied with their choice. In some cases, non-customizable and more disciplined solutions do not meet the needs and bring the whole process to a bottleneck. In that manner, Promena's flexible approach and modular technology can be a door opener. Promena is more focusing on the customer need, instead of changing the customer's way of doings.

Intuitive User Interface and User Experience

Promena's UX/UI design is clean and decidedly modern, and the applications and workflows are all well-organized. One can imagine little guidance would be needed to get users up and running. The solution generally is very easy to navigate and general UI / UX  design seems a standout feature.

Advanced Operational Support

Promena offers a world-class managed service operation with its dynamic team. Supplier onboarding, event modelling, custom reporting and tech-consultancy features increase the value provided to clients. Beside self-service option, managed service option is usually preferred for complex procurement activities with more supplier attendance. Do you want to be a weight off your shoulders? Be sure that this would be delivered with Promena.

Integration Capability

Integration is often the biggest challenges in transforming processes and can be the most difficult barrier to reach success. Promena offers out of the box integration capability with standard features and if requested, more complex integration projects can be executed with a project-management approach.

Budget Friendly

Day after day, organizations are more focusing on the saving potentials in diversified categories. The saving reached while procuring, adds a big value and has a great impact to the bottom-line of the customers. Promena provides savings with its sourcing and procurement modules and helps his customers to reach it with a budget friendly, affordable platform. The TCO of a sourcing platform has to stand in a reasonable and acceptable level where Promena positions itself.