As Zer Merkezi Hizmetler ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“PROMENA”), we show respect to the personal data of people visiting our website and contacting us electronically. PROMENA accepts all liability regarding the protection and safety of your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) in this website.

It is not necessary for you to share any kind of data to use this web site. However, we would like to remind you that in case you choose not to share your information, you will not be able to benefit from some services in PROMENA site. For instance, you need to share some personal data as your name, surname, contact information, professional title in order to register for 15-day free trial.

We, as PROMENA, undertake that we will act in accordance with the following principles in regard to obtaining, saving, storing, preserving, altering, reorganizing, disclosing, selling or processing of your personal data in other ways:

i. Your personal data will always be processed lawfully, fairly and correctly.
ii. Your personal data may be processed and/or transferred to third parties if you have given your consent or in cases where it is stipulated in regulations.
iii. Your personal data will be processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
iv. Your personal data will be relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected and/or further processed.
v. You will be able to update your information when necessary.
vi. Your personal data will be preserved for the period necessary for the purpose of processing.

In general, we preserve your personal data in PROMENA databases or in databases provided by our service providers. Most of these databases are kept in servers in Turkey. We will notify you if your personal data is transferred overseas in accordance with the law.

Your personal data is not shared with third parties unless you have given your consent or it is stipulated in regulations. Contractual associates of PROMENA which have access to your information to provide you the necessary service are under the obligation of keeping this information confidential and not using for any other purposes in scope of conventional obligation.

PROMENA will preserve your personal data in a secure and conserved environment as long as it is necessary for fulfilling the reason for obtaining the data in the first place or as long as the period specified in the legislation. We take all technical and reasonable measures to protect your personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, alteration, all illegal and unauthorized misuse that may occur during data transfer over network, disclosure and access and other procedures and abuses.

Our website services are not designed for children. In addition to that, we don’t collect personal data of children intentionally through any of our websites unless otherwise is allowed and/ or mandated by legislation.

You have the right to wholly or partially renounce the consent you have given regarding the process of your personal data. Also, you have the right to know whether your personal data is processed or not and request information if your data is processed. Besides that, you may demand to learn the purpose of processing and whether your data is processed accordingly. You may ask the identities of the parties that your data is transferred to; request correction if your personal data is imperfect or wrong and demand deletion or destruction of your personal data in accordance with the legislation. You may object to any kind of negative results that may occur after an analyse of your data by wholly automated systems and request indemnification in the case of suffering a damage due to processing of your personal data against the data protection legislation.

You have the right to verify, make additions, delete or block your personal data. You will be informed if your request will be fulfilled or not in four weeks dating from the arrival of your request. In cases we will not be able to fulfil your request, this situation will be explained to you with reasons.

However, PROMENA reserve its legitimate right to reject unreasonably repeated or technically disproportionate requests and/ or requests which are extremely difficult to meet or which risks other peoples’ privacy.


Nowadays nearly all websites use cookies. Like most websites, PROMENA also uses cookies to provide you a better, faster and safer experience.

Cookies are files of recognition left on your device which save your website preferences of profile information. Cookies may be stored on your device by your browser at your first visit to a website. Your browser checks your device for a cookie registered for that website when you revisit it. If so, it delivers the data in the log to the website. Thus the website remembers that you have visited before and determines the context accordingly.


Cookies analyse the web traffic and your web applications can be customized according to your preferences. Some cookies may include personal data (for instance user name is saved by cookie when you choose “remember me”). These cookies are saved only with your consent.

The cookies used by PROMENA do not harm your computer and does not contain viruses.

Related data acquisition tools are generally used for the following purposes:

i. To improve the performance of website, make it easier and /or faster to use the site;
ii. To offer new features through websites;
iii. To store information about you (on your device or cache on your browser) and the use of websites;
iv. To monitor and understand the use of products and services;
v. To improve the experience for you as user of the website, to personalize;
vi. To ensure the safety of websites, you and PROMENA.


1. Necessary Cookies
The most important cookies are necessary cookies. They help you surf the website, create an account and login.

2. Personalization Cookies
They exist to ensure you functionality as a user. PROMENA aims to use these cookies in order to remember the areas you have an interest in (eg, materials, services, etc.) and give you a functional service by personalizing our member’s interest in our website while maintaining center purchasing activities.

3. Analytic Cookies
We use Google Analytics cookies in order to identify the number of visitors to our website. Analytic cookies is used to see how you use our website and what works in our website, to optimize and develop our website and make sure it continues to be interesting and appropriate to the purpose for you. Obtained data includes the pages you view, orientation/exit pages, platform type you use, date/time information and (mouse) click number in the given page, mouse movements, your image shift activities, search terms you use and the texts you enter while using our website. Please check the Google Analytics privacy page to learn more details:

4. Commercial Cookies
Our own cookies and third party cookies are used to show you personalized advertisements in other websites if you have given your consent.


To block or delete cookies or change your preferences for the use of cookies you need to change your browser settings. Most of the browsers give you the option to accep or refuse cookies, accept only certain types of cookies or receive a notice when a website requests to store cookies on your device. Also it is possible to delete the cookies stored on your browser. However, we would like to remind you that in case you delete or block cookies you may not be able to access some of our features.


PROMENA shows maximum effort for safety of all pages in this website. PROMENA uses a wide variety of technical and business applications to protect the privacy, safety and integrity of the data saved in this site.


This site may contain websites run by third parties which are not operated by PROMENA and PROMENA may establish a connection/give link/information to these websites. PROMENA does not give guarantee or commitment regarding the context, security, privacy policies of these websites. The visitors are liable from the provisions in third party websites. Safety and privacy provisions in related websites should be read before any activity. PROMENA will not be responsible for the information provided to these websites, context and services these websites provide and privacy policies of these websites.


PROMENA reserves it’s right to modify this Privacy Policy in order to comply with the most updated version of the data protection law, without a prior notice to its customers or visitors. It is submitted that, such a revision on our privacy policy will be announced on our website as soon as possible. This policy has been last changed on 18.10.2016

You may send an electronic mail to for further information about privacy terms of website.