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    Innovation in Purchasing!
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    We participated in Procurement Strategy Summit, was held in Dubai, as a Visiting Partner on October 05 – 06, 2016
    4th Annual Procurement Strategy Summit - Dubai 2016
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    Promena recognized by CIO Review magazine as
    20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers - 2015

About Us

Promena was founded in 2001 by Koç Holding, Turkey and Carlyle Group, United States of America, with the aim of providing high efficiency, effective control of time, labor and cost savings to its customers in their purchasing activities by combining global and regional market know-how with the high technology.

Since 2013, Promena has combined its resources with Zer Merkezi Hizmetler ve Ticaret A.S. which is a fully owned association of Koç Holding.

With its innovative solutions such as e-Auction and e-Procurement, Promena has created the “Strategic Sourcing Solutions” market in Turkey and surrounding regions and is firmly established as the market leader of its sector.

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Provide the most efficient improvement in cost, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain. Carry your purchasing activities to the cloud through our web based strategic sourcing platform.

Spend Analysis

Create added value to your company with our strong reporting and analysis services. Determine your road maps for the future by making detailed analysis of your purchasing activities.

e-Auction / e-Tender

Provide a competitive, transparent and fair environment with Promena e-Auction / e-Tender Software and create added value to your company in your strategic purchasing projects.


Maintain all your procurement processes to online environment with Promena e-Procurement Software. Manage your purchase requisitions, RFQ’s, PO’s, approvals and delivery stages on a system integrated with your in-house ERP processes.

Supplier Relationship Management

Start a professional and sustainable Supplier Relationship Management. Collect the updated information about your suppliers through Promena SRM tool and determine your risks in your supply chain.

Our Numbers

9 Billion - Annual Transaction Volume
4900 Managed e-Auctions
110500 Number of Annual Transactions
25000 Registered Suppliers

Business Model

By combining our technology infrastructure with our experiences, we maintain relationships based on trust and sustainability with our clients.
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What We Provide?

Cost Saving

Change your way of purchasing with our powerful e-sourcing platform to reduce your costs.


Improve your purchasing process efficiency with our customizable purchasing functionalities.


Empower your suppliers to compete in a fair and trusted environment.

Time Saving

Collect more bids in less time with online RFQs or simultaneous live e-auction events.


Collect information, documents or bids from your suppliers with your customized RFQ and e-Auction forms.


Track and report all transactions of buyers and suppliers from our detailed reporting tools.

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Happy Clients

İRFAN ILICA - FORD OTOSAN Thanks to Promena, we have the opportunity to finalize our purchasing projects with many participants in a transparent e-Tender environment within 1-2 hours. In general terms, these negotiation processes take weeks.

When we consider the financial benefits of an online competition, Promena offering an excellent on-demand e-Auction Service with an experienced team, has become an integral part of our purchasing process.
BAHTIŞEN HENDEN - TOFAŞ FIAT With the increasing global competition, our main goal is finding ways to minimize our costs. In this regard, the e-Auction service provided by Promena is the most effective one among the other bargaining methods.

e-Auction method is our primary choice in all convenient purchasing activities. In addition, the transparency and time saving provided by this method is extremely successful in terms of process efficiency.
GÜLDEN BELEN - OPET Since 2003, Promena has been an integral part of our Purchasing Department, starting from the first day. I would like to thank all Promena employees for their great effort so far and I wish they will continue to innovate and change themselves.

Thanks to Promena e-Auction / e-Procurement services, we increase our cost and time savings while proving our transparency as the purchasing unit of the company.
GÖKSEL BAYDAR - TÜPRAŞ As Tupras, we carried out 332 e-Auctions in 2013. We used the e-Auction / e-Tender method for various categories such as Equipment, Field Cleaning Services, Tank Construction, Maintenance and Repair, Pipes, Valves, Chemicals, Catalysis purchasing and Scrap sales.

In addition, for us and our suppliers, e-Auction is not only a tool to reduce the price level, but it is also a preferred method since it is easy to use, transparent and it provides time saving.
RECEP KALYONCU - YAPI KREDİ BANKASI We have started to work with Promena as the name of Kocbank starting from 2001. After the bank merger process with UniCredit Group, we have been carrying on our business relation with Promena as Yapi Kredi Bank.

By applying the e-Auction / e-Tender method, all suppliers have an equal chance to compete in a reliable and transparent environment. I would like to thank all Promena team about the high profitability and job efficiency provided for our company.
VEDAT PEKER - VKV AMERİKAN HASTANESİ As VKV American Hospital, we use the e-Auction / e-Tender method in order to meet our pharmacy’s daily medicine needs. We carried our yearly medical purchasing of about nearly 2.5 million USD to Promena Platform.

With this e-Auction / e-Tender method, while obtaining a serious manpower efficiency in our daily proposal processes, we also ensured a cost benefit of %2 to %6 per e-Auction event.
OĞUZ TOLGA IŞIK - KOÇ ÜNİVERSİTESİ As Koc University, we have been managing purchasing projects with RFx and e-Auction services of Promena since 2011 and we strenghten our collaboration year after year.

If we think about our potential RFx and e-Auction projects in the future, I am sure that we will provide greater added value to our University in terms of cost and time savings.