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    Innovation in Purchasing!
    Start easy purchasing with Promena e-Sourcing Platform
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    We participated in the Procurement Strategy Summit, held in Dubai, as a Visiting Partner on October 5-6, 2016
    4th Annual Procurement Strategy Summit - Dubai 2016
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    Promena was recognized by CIO Review magazine as
    20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers - 2015

About Us

Promena was founded in 2001 by Koç Holding, Turkey and Carlyle Group, United States of America, with the aim of providing high efficiency and effective control of time, labor and cost savings to its customers in their purchasing activities by combining global and regional market know-how with top technology. Since 2013, Promena has combined its resources with Zer Merkezi Hizmetler ve Ticaret A.S., which is a fully owned subsidiary of Koç Holding. With its innovative solutions such as e-Auction and e-Procurement, Promena has created the “Strategic Sourcing Solutions” market in Turkey and surrounding regions and is firmly established as the market leader of its sector. TechnologyConsultancyOperationsIntegrationSupportCustomer Services


Provide the most efficient improvement in cost, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters within your supply chain. Carry your purchasing activities to the cloud through our web based strategic sourcing platform.

Spend Analysis

Create added value to your company with our strong reporting and analysis services. Determine your road maps for the future by making a detailed analysis of your purchasing activities.


Provide a competitive, transparent and fair environment with Promena e-Auction/e-Tender Software and create added value to your company in your strategic purchasing projects.


Maintain all your procurement processes in an online environment with Promena e-Procurement Software. Manage your purchase requisitions, RFQ’s, PO’s, approvals and delivery stages in a system integrated with your in-house ERP processes.

Supplier Relationship Management

Begin professional and sustainable Supplier Relationship Management. Collect updated information about your suppliers through Promena's SRM tool and determine the risks in your supply chain.

Our Numbers

9 Billion - Annual Transaction Volume
4900 Managed e-Auctions
110500 Number of Annual Transactions
25000 Registered Suppliers

Business Model

By combining our technology infrastructure with our experiences, we maintain relationships based on trust and sustainability with our clients.
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What Do We Provide?

Cost Saving

Change your way of purchasing with our powerful e-sourcing platform to reduce your costs.


Improve your purchasing process efficiency with our customizable purchasing functionalities.


Empower your suppliers to compete in a fair and trusted environment.

Time Saving

Collect more bids in less time with online RFQs or simultaneous live e-auction events.


Collect information, documents or bids from your suppliers with customized RFQ and e-Auction forms.


Track and report all transactions of buyers and suppliers using our detailed reporting tools.